Police worried coronavirus would spread to migrants in Una-Sana Canton

NEWS 26.02.2020 10:25
Source: N1

There is great concern in Una-Sana Canton that the coronavirus would show up among the migrants, saying they do not know how they could tackle the virus, cantonal police spokesperson Ale Siljdedic told N1 on Wednesday.

“The current situation in the Canton is satisfactory and under the control of the police. The number of migrants residing in the Canton is between 4,500 and 5,000. Of that number, some 3,500 are in migrant camps and the others are in transit, in abandoned buildings or private housing,” Siljdedic said.

Yet, the main issue is what would happen if the coronavirus spread among the migrants? Despite the fact that the police is not in charge of this aspect, Siljdedic confirmed that they are indeed concerned.

“What worries us is the coronavirus. If it spreads to camps that we have here, I don't know how we could deal with that. It's not a police competence,” the spokesperson said.

Migrants started flocking in Bosnia after Bulgaria and Hungary imposed strict border controls and stopped migrants from entering their countries, effectively blocking the migrants’ “Balkan route.”

They are all heading to the Una-Sana Canton because this part of Bosnia and its biggest city of Bihacis are the closest to the Croatian border.

They have no wish of staying in Bosnia or eastern EU member states, though, but want to continue their path to Western EU states like Germany, France and Austria, hoping to find a better life.