OSCE condemns burning of puppet resembling Bosnian Ambassador Mlinarevic

NEWS 26.02.2020 12:07
Source: Bljesak.info

Images of burning puppets with images of real people, that came from Mostar, are worrying and unacceptable, the OSCE mission to Bosnia said Wednesday, commenting on the burning of a puppet said to represent Bosnia's Ambassador to the Czech Republic Martina Mlinarevic, during a carnival in this southern Bosnian city.

“That is not a message to send, especially to youth. We need to cherish tolerance and understanding because those are the values that should be cherished,” the OSCE said.

During Tuesday's Mostar carnival, participants burned a pupped resembling Martina Mlinarevic who is also a famed Bosnian writer.

Reacting to the news, Martinovic wrote on her Facebook profile that “when you think you've seen it all, this happens. They set me ablaze at the carnival. As if I'm to blame for all the evil that struck Herzegovina and Mostar in the past several years. Thank you, brothers,” Mlinarevic wrote.

Carnival organisers said after the incident that the burning of the puppet does not mean the burning of her as a person, but the idea that she represents.