Bosnia declares state of disaster over coronavirus threat

Source: N1

Bosnia's government declared a state of disaster across the entire territory of the country, prime minister Zoran Tegeltija said Tuesday.

Following one of the conclusions from Monday's session the tripartite Presidency, the Council of Ministers (as the state government is called) decided to declare the state of disaster and to form the coordination body which would coordinate efforts in both entities (the Republika Srpska and the Federation) in fighting the pandemic, Tegeltija said.

The total number of patients with COVID-19 in Bosnia and Herzegovina is now 26.

Bosnia's health authorities confirmed on Monday that two patients in the Republika Srpska region were cured of COVID-19.

Epidemiologists believe that the number of infections could rise over the next several days and weeks.

EU help to the Western Balkans

European Commission's spokesperson Ana Pisonero said that the European Union is considering ways to link the Western Balkans with Union's initiatives aimed at fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

“Close coordination and cooperation at regional and EU level are key factors in responding to this emergency. In these difficult times, solidarity is needed. This is not a time for controversy or unfounded accusations,” said Ana Pisonero in a statement.

She added that the EU is considering how best to support the mitigation of socio-economic consequences, including the diversion of IPA funding and making state aid rules more flexible.