Bosnian Prosecution to prosecute non-compliance with lockdown measures

NEWS 20.03.2020 13:10

Bosnia's Prosecution said Friday they will urgently prosecute all those who do not abide by the coronavirus prevention measures, including the breaking of lockdown, isolation and quarantine measures.

“The prosecution of criminal offences related to the endangering of health and safety of citizens will have priority in the work of the Prosecution and urgency in dealing,” the Prosecution said.

Effective detection and prosecution of all crimes that could endanger the health and safety of citizens, in connection with the prevention and protection against the spread of COVID-19, is of utmost importance as it has been shown that the irresponsible and illegal behaviour of individuals can cause untold damage to citizens, the prosecution added.

“Together with partner institutions and law enforcement agencies Bosnian Prosecution monitors the developments in its jurisdiction related to the commission of criminal offences that could endanger the health and safety of citizens,” the Prosecution's statement said.

The Prosecution called on all citizens to report any information regarding the non-compliance with the decisions of competent institutions and irresponsible and illegal behaviour, in order to prevent the consequences of these crimes.