US sends medical aid to Bosnia over coronavirus

NEWS 23.03.2020 14:50
Source: Ambasada SAD

The first batch of humanitarian aid from the United States arrived at Sarajevo airport on Monday, the US Embassy said, adding that the aid consists of medical, hospital and ambulance equipment, food and water.

“A US military aircraft delivered medical, hospital and ambulance, food and water supplies to the Sarajevo airport. The US Army has handed over these supplies to members of Bosnian Armed Forces, who will deploy them throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.,” the Embassy said. “As a NATO partner and longtime friend of Bosnia, the United States and the American people have responded to this situation with the strong and sustained support which we have been providing to Bosnian citizens for over 25 years.”

Globally, the Secretary of State has pledged $100 million to help international efforts, as well as $1.25 billion to be programmed by the State Department and USAID to combat the pandemic internationally.