South Bosnian region discovers a second COVID-19 cluster

NEWS 25.03.2020 14:22
Source: N1

Herzegovina-Neretva Canton's infectious diseases specialist dr Jurica Arapovic said Wednesday that this canton discovered a new COVID-19 cluster in the city of Mostar, started by a patient from the Republika Srpska entity.

“Our canton has 24 people who tested positive for coronavirus, of which 17 are in the town of Konjic, seven in Mostar,” Arapovic said, adding that they are awaiting results for five more patients. “A new cluster appeared Mostar and it started after a patient contacted a person from the Republika Srpska (RS) entity five days ago. He was diagnosed five days ago.”

Speaking about a man from Konjic who died as a result of the coronavirus, Arapovic said he had no chronic diseases and that he was in self-isolation. On the fifth day, the man's condition worsened and he died, Arapovic added.

The condition of other patients in this south-Bosnian canton is stable, according to the specialist, with two patients connected to respirators.

“Our borders are the biggest problem. We believe that many people crossed the border without any medical check-ups. Ot's very difficult for police authorities to check on these people. Again, I urge all citizens returning from abroad to go into self-isolation and to report their return to the authorities,” he said.

When it comes to the isolation ward in this canton, Arapovic confirmed the authorities will use their tourist capacities like hotels which will be equipped for this purpose.