Slovenia's daily coronavirus case count up by 10 pct, 5th death reported

NEWS 25.03.2020 14:37
Source: Shutterstock

A total of 528 coronavirus cases were confirmed in Slovenia by Wednesday morning, up by 48 or 10 percent from the day before, Health Minister Tomaz Gantar told reporters in Ljubljana. Slovenia also reported its fifth coronavirus-related death today.

The victim was an elderly man who lived in a nursing home in the village of Smartje Pri Jelsah near the city of Celje. The nursing home was one of the first clusters of the epidemic in that country, with 30 patrons and staff testing positive for the disease.

Gantar said that 73 healthcare workers have been infected, but that the health care system is doing well for now in coping with the epidemic.

“In days ahead, the situation can deteriorate a lot if we don't abide by the current strict measures, and the peak of the epidemic can't be predicted yet,” Gantar said.

Like nearly all other European countries, Slovenia had imposed sweeping restrictions on public life earlier this month, which included bans on public gathering, non-essential travel, stay-at-home orders, and closure of borders.

The number of hospital beds to accomodate Covid-19 patients can be increased to 1,000 if necessary, he said. As of Wednesday, 72 patients have been hospitalised, including 14 in intensive care units.