Bosnian Presidency to citizens: Your lives and health is our top priority

NEWS 25.03.2020 21:10
Source: Anadolija

Bosnia's tripartite Presidency called on citizens to trust the institutions and to obey the measures that were introduced to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak and its spread across the country. Saving the lives and health of the citizens is “the priority of all priorities,” they said.

In a joint statement issued Wednesday evening, three members of the State Presidency said the situation was extraordinary and it required the resolute measures to avoid “catastrophic consequences we are witnessing in other countries.”

“All levels of authority in Bosnia and Herzegovina took and are still taking all necessary steps to save the lives and health of the citizens. That is the priority of all priorities,” said the collective head of the state, adding that the authorities are also acting to mitigate the “inevitable economic impact.”

The Presidency praised the work of all health workers, police officers, soldiers, inspectors and everyone engaged in the civil protection sector for putting enormous efforts to prevent the virus spread. “And we congratulate them on that.”

“However, all those efforts will not give results if the orders, measures and recommendations are not fully obeyed and if every single person does not demonstrate their own responsibility. Towards themselves and their families, towards the others.

That is why, we call on you once again to strictly abide by all prescribed orders, measures and recommendations, because that is the only way to cope with the evil that fell upon us. A great majority of you is doing so and we, the members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, thank you for that.”

Those who violate the measures deserve “the most rigorous sanctions, the presidents said and called on the competent authorities to treat those breaches in line with laws and without any delays.

“Fully aware that every country is faced with the problems caused by the pandemic, we as the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as each of us personally, are making all necessary steps internationally to secure the assistance or much needed medical equipment, which would enhance our healthcare system. Other levels of authority and institutions are doing the same.

Some countries already helped, some are preparing the help, we are talking with the many, everything on the grounds of the needs that our healthcare institutions expressed. Bosnia and Herzegovina was not and will not be left without the aid of our friends, and we will know how to appreciate that,” said the Presidency members.

Finally, they called on the citizens to trust the institutions and follow their instructions.

“Let's save our lives and health. Let's show the responsibility, solidarity and unity because that is a prerequisite for overcoming the challenge we are facing,” said the joint statement by Sefik Dzaferovic, Milorad Dodik and Zeljko Komsic