Spanish health official says they're in a 'phase of stabilization'

NEWS 26.03.2020 15:56
Source: Reuters/Susana Vera

Spain’s Health Minister Salvador Illa said analysis of recent data from Spain indicated a “phase of stabilization” in the trend of diagnoses, speaking at a session of parliament today.

Top Spanish health official Fernando Simón also tentatively noted signs of a peak in the data, answering a question from CNN in the government’s daily coronavirus briefing.

Taking into account the delay in the data from the time of transmission and then getting symptoms and being diagnosed, Simón said “the rate of increase is stabilizing”.

“It’s an indicator that the peak of the curve with respect to the total diagnoses is approaching,” Simón said — though he noted they would have to continue to monitor the data to confirm this.

Health officials had said they expected to see a peak in the rate of increase of infections Spain this week. However, there had been little signs of this on Wednesday when Spain’s death toll overtook China’s.