Una-Sana Canton starts flying samples for testing to Sarajevo

NEWS 28.03.2020 18:13
Source: Fena

The Cantonal Civil Protection (CZ) Headquarters of the Una-Sana Canton (USK) and the Canton's Health Ministry have put into operation an aircraft on Saturday morning that will transport samples of coronavirus-tested persons to Sarajevo for testing.

“Starting tomorrow, we'll be sampling more people suspected of being coronavirus-positive, after which the samples will be transported to a reference laboratory by the aircraft,” said Canton's Prime Minister Mustafa Ruznic.

The USK's Public Health Institute took over 900 transport bases today, said director of the Institute, Zarina Mulabdic.

“The condition of two Covid-19 patients undergoing treatment at the Bihac hospital is stable,” Dr Hajrudin Havic, director of the hospital in the north-western city of Bihac confirmed.

Currently, the number of patients in the USK is six.

On Saturday, two samples were sent from Bihac to Sarajevo for testing and eight samples for retesting.