US provides financial assistance for Bosnia to tackle coronavirus

NEWS 30.03.2020 11:07

The United States has donated 1.2 million dollars worth aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina to help the country tackle the coronavirus pandemic, which comes days after the first batch of US assistance in medical equipment and other supplies.

The financial assistance will be distributed through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Bosnia.

“USAID is donating 1.2 million to BiH to help its laboratory systems, activate case-finding&monitoring, support experts, bolster awareness&community engagement and strengthen prevention,” the USAID tweeted.

The aid comes a week after a US military aircraft landed at the Sarajevo Airport, carrying what was said was the first batch of humanitarian aid for Bosnia and its people during the coronavirus pandemic.

“As a NATO partner and longtime friend of Bosnia, the United States and the American people have responded to this situation with the strong and sustained support which we have been providing to Bosnian citizens for over 25 years,” the US Embassy said.