United Group providing 3 million Dollars in Aid for region

NEWS 30.03.2020 14:56
Source: United Group

The United Group which operates in six countries of the region will make donations worth three million Dollars in medical equipment and money to help combat the coronavirus pandemic in the spirit of solidarity with all the countries it operates in: Serbia, Slovenia, Croaita, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia as well as Bulgaria where Vivacom is waiting for the regulator's permission for an acquisition.

The three million Dollar donation by the United Group includes 1,200,000 in money and 1,800,000 for donations in medical equipment such as surgical respirators, thermometers, masks, top quality coronavirus tests and goggles.

The deliveries of the aid have been organized with the goverenments of the region and will being this week.In the days when everyone needs courage and support, the United Group wants to help us all get through one of the greatest global health crises together, make it easier for medical staff to do their jobs and give the public some added security.

The United Group has already unlocked TV channels which it got permission for on its platforms across the region during the pandemic which is forcing people to stay at home, convinced that the important thing is to show solidarity for all and that every form of support for the people in the entire region is important.Based in Amsterdam, the United Group is the leading telecommunications and media operator in southeastern Europe.

It has made significant investments in digital infrastructure, content and technology and offers leading service to users across the region. Over the past 18 years, the United Group has expanded its presence through organic growth and acquisition, employing more than 5,360 people and providing services to more than 1.8 million homes.