Doctors: The worst day in Serbia: Seven more dead, 115 new cases of coronavirus

NEWS 31.03.2020 15:33
Source: Printscreen

After reporting on new seven deaths and 115 new confirmed infections with coronavirus in the last 24 hours, the members of Serbia's medical experts' team left the regular news conference, obviously disappointed and without taking any question, N1 reported on Tuesday.

The increase put a total of fatal outcomes to 23 and infected to 900.

The only one who addressed reporters was the head of the Belgrade Infectious Clinic, Goran Stevanovic, who said that the last 24 hours were the worst day in Serbia since the outbreak of the pandemic, blaming people for disrespecting the measures introduced to prevent the spreading the infection.

“If this continues, we will have an Italian and Spanish case. We took the danger unseriously,” Stevanovic said, adding that there was no health care system which could withstand such pressure.

Then he said he had to go back to his colleagues “who are wearing protective gear every day,” while, he added, “the epidemiologists had to try to find the contacts of those infected.”

The, they all left the hall.