Sarajevo University Hospital's gastroenterology ward isolated over coronavirus

Source: N1

The gastroenterology ward at the Sarajevo University Hospital will be isolated over a doctor who was infected with coronavirus who only reported the infection after taking sick-leave, Fena news agency reported on Wednesday.

Hospital general manager Sebija Izetbegovic said the doctor came to work with flu-like symptoms for several days and that she never reported her potentially risky contacts nor did she test for coronavirus during that time.

“She only did it after taking sick-leave,” Izetbegovic said.

Since her test was positive for coronavirus, the entire ward is going into isolation, she said.

Izetbegovic noted that all the clinic staff were also tested and those who were off will be tested Thursday.

All the urgent patients are now diverted to the Sarajevo general hospital Prim Dr Abdulah Nakas, prof Izetbegovic concluded.