Slovenia reports decrease in new infections, considers restarting economy

NEWS 07.04.2020 19:51
Source: REUTERS/Thilo Schmuelgen

The number of COVID-19 patients in Slovenia rose by 38 on Monday to 1,059, the government said on Tuesday and this seems to indicate that the daily rise of new cases is decreasing.

Six more patients were hospitalised on Monday, bringing the total to 114, including 30 in intensive care. The number of deaths remains 30. Four patients were discharged from hospital yesterday, bringing the total of those recovered to 102, and 1,067 tests were done.

The decrease in the daily rise of new infections is a result of tight restrictions, so the government is considering relaunching production in some industries after Easter Monday if citizens will continue to consistently comply with the restrictions.

“It's important that we comply with the restrictions also during the Easter holidays. Let Easter be the sign of a new beginning, the beginning of a return to health and a decline of the infection curve. Let's endure so that next week we can draw up a plan to gradually ease the restrictions,” Jelko Kacin, the government's spokesman on the pandemic, said at a press conference.

“With the measures and restrictions so far we have achieved good results and we can compare the response of our healthcare system with the best ones in the world,” Health Minister Tomaz Gantar said, giving a special thanks to healthcare workers.