Army helicopter engaged in fighting fires in Bosnia

NEWS 08.04.2020 10:23
Source: N1

A Bosnian army helicopter had to be engaged to help in extinguishing a fire near the central-Bosnian city of Tuzla, city officials said on Wednesday.

After arriving at Dubrave airport, the helicopter was fitted with a bucket and sent for refuelling, the city officials said, adding that it will take water from the near-by lake at Sicki Brod settlement.

The fire broke after the locals started burning the fell trees, leaves and grass, which quickly spread towards the Kuzici village, threatening family houses.

According to the local Civil Protection headquarters, the Tuzla firefighters had multiple interventions over the past 24 hours, including a great fire at Husino village which required the support from their Zivinice, Srebrenik, Kalesija, Likavac, Gradacac and Gracanica colleagues.

Several fires also broke out around the Bosansko Grahovo town in western Bosnia.

Bosansko Grahovo Mayor Milodrag Gligic said the fires are nearing an area covered in landmines.