FBiH sets up quarantine and triage tents at border crossings (PHOTO)

NEWS 08.04.2020 20:41
Source: FUCZ

Authorities in Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) region have set up quarantine and triage tents for those entering the country at 14 border crossings into the semi-autonomous entity after the Presidency asked for any border crossings without these measures implemented to be closed down due to the coronavirus threat.

Bosnia’s Presidency on Monday asked for the tents to be set up at border crossings so that those entering the country can be examined and quarantined there for 24 hours, after which they will be sent to quarantine facilities of local communities for 14 days.

Members of FBiH Civil Protection (FUCS) authority began preparing the tents on Tuesday morning and did not stop working on it throughout the night.

They set up a total of 13 triage tents, 46 tents for those entering the country to stay in and 13 tents for FUCS employees.