Fire breaks out at Bosnian border quarantine settlement

NEWS 12.04.2020 18:28
Source: Facebook

A fire broke out in a quarantine tent settlement set up at the Maljevac border crossing between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina early on Sunday morning and police are investigating if the fire was planted.

The spokesman of the northwestern Una-Sana Canton, Ale Siljdedic, said that the fire broke out in one tent and then spread to another two.

A video of the fire and people trying to put it out was posted on Facebook, and in the background, a group of people can be heard singing to the scene.

Media previously reported on complaints by persons who were forced to self-isolate in facilities set up close to border crossings as they were trying to enter Bosnia and they all objected to the accommodation conditions in those facilities.

Tents for the triage of passengers arriving from abroad have been set up close to all border crossings in the country which are still open to traffic.

Following triage and depending on their condition, passengers are sent to isolation units in their places of residence or possibly to hospitals.

A 14-day mandatory quarantine has been introduced for all entering the country.