Fight breaks out at migrant centre near Sarajevo (PHOTO)

NEWS 13.04.2020 10:33
Source: N1

Several migrants from the Blazuj migrant centre near Sarajevo requested medical assistance after sustaining injuries in a fight on Sunday night, Sarajevo Canton's police said on Monday.

One migrant was sent to a hospital for further treatment and the police notified the cantonal prosecutor about the event.

The photos and short video obtained by N1 show the magnitude of the fight.

The centre's maximum capacity is 1,200 and it now operates close to max capacity as migrants are being gathered into such centres across the country, to decrease the number of people roaming the streets during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Earlier this year, the European Union's Special Representative praised the conditions in the centre saying the situation is much better as the government is getting more engaged in dealing with the migrant issue and that the EU will stand with the authorities to further improve the conditions for the migrants who entered Bosnia.