COVID-19 UPDATES: 1110 infected in Bosnia, death toll 41, 253 recovered

NEWS 15.04.2020 09:20
Source: Pixabay

13:50 Authorities in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton confirmed that an elderly woman, from the southern town of Citluk, passed away due to COVID-19 at the COVID-designated hospital in Mostar.

Meanwhile, Bosnia’s State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) said that one of its officials also tested positive for the virus and that his recent contacts are currently being analysed.

13:00 According to data the Ministry of Civil Affairs published at noon, a total of 1110 people have tested positive for coronavirus across the country, 41 people died due to COVID-19 and 253 recovered.

12:27 Another 22 people tested positive for the coronavirus in the Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) region throughout the past 24 hours, according to Davor Pehar, the head of the FBiH Public Health Institute.

09:15 About 1100 people have tested positive for the coronavirus across Bosnia and Herzegovina since the virus came to the country in March and 41 of them passed away due to COVID-19.

The Health Minister of Bosnia’s Serb-majority region said at his daily press conference that another five people have tested positive in Republika Srpska (RS) throughout the past 24 hours of the 362 tested.

The head of the Sarajevo University Clinical Centre, dr. Sebija Izetbegovic, told Faktor that another 14 of the 230 samples that were tested throughout last night came out positive. The samples were from Sarajevo, Zenica, Gorazde, Kiseljak, Bosanski Petrovac and Cazin.