COVID-19 UPDATES: Bosnia's death toll at 43, 1,167 patients confirmed to date

NEWS 16.04.2020 09:26
Source: REUTERS/Rahel Patrasso

15:30 The central Bosnian city of Tuzla reported another fatality caused by the novel coronavirus, bringing the country's death toll caused by Covid-19 to 43.

The patient was an elderly woman who suffered from pre-existing heart conditions, N1 learned. According to the same information, the woman was admitted to the Tuzla Heart Disease Centre where she underwent surgery.

According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Bosnia has recorded 1,167 cases by Thursday noon, 486 in Federation and 663 in Republika Srpska, the country's two semi-autonomous regions. Total of 277 has recovered.

12:30 The head of the Public Health Institute in Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity, Davor Pehar, said that 29 more people tested positive for the coronavirus across FBiH throughout the past 24 hours.

09:28 Another 28 people tested positive for the coronavirus in Bosnia’s Serb-majority region in the past 24 hours and the Republika Srpska Clinical Centre in Banja Luka reported that a patient passed away due to COVID-19 on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, the head of the Sarajevo University Clinical Center confirmed to Faktor that 20 of the 368 samples tested throughout last night turned out positive.

The Mostar University Clinical Hospital also confirmed three coronavirus positive samples.

More than 1150 people have tested positive for the coronavirus across Bosnia by now and 42 have passed away due to COVID-19.