Edin Dzeko honours his fan, a medical technician fighting against coronavirus

NEWS 16.04.2020 12:43
Source: Facebook/Edin Dzeko

Medical technician, Giuseppe Albano, is wearing the number nine along with the name Dzeko on his uniform as he is fighting at the front line in the war against the coronavirus, Italian newspaper Il Romanista reported.

The Roma striker, Edin Dzeko, is idolized by Albano’s son, Alfredo, who shares his father’s passion for AS Roma.  

A photo of Albano in his uniform went viral on social media and also caught the soccer star’s attention.  

“When Dzeko read the nurse’s interview, he decided to give his signed jersey to his son (Alfredo) who is crazy about him. That signature is now the uniform of those who are fighting against the virus. And once again, AS Roma shows that is more than a football team,” Dzeko’s Facebook profile quoted the paper.