Coronavirus is keeping the gates of Sarajevo’s zoo closed (PHOTO)

NEWS 16.04.2020 14:38

No children's voices are echoing down the Sarajevo’s zoo, ‘Pionirska Dolina’ (Valley of the Pioneers), which has been closed for a month due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Still, life goes on without visitors, with staff feeding the animals and cleaning their habitats every day.

The summer regime of the zoo allows the animals to spend more time in the outdoor parts of their housing facilities, relaxing in the spring sun.

“The summer regime foresees longer working hours for the zoo but our gate is closed,” said the utility company, KJKP Park.

“But behind the closed gate, flowers are blooming along the paths, the first grass has been mowed, trees are blooming and young leaves are showing up. The summer garden is ready for the guests, as well as all the entertainment facilities that are awaiting new rides and children's adventures,” the company said.

Everything is clean and ready for when the coronavirus crisis ends and some of the habitats have new offspring, it said.