Hungary promises to help Bosnia in fight against illegal migrations

NEWS 16.04.2020 16:39
Source: N1

Hungary will help Bosnia to tackle the issue of illegal migrations and will deploy its soldiers to assist Bosnian border police once the country signs agreement with Frontex, European Union's border management agency, Hungary's Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto and Bosnia's Security Minister told a press conference in Sarajevo on Thursday.

“Brussels chose a wrong policy towards illegal migrations and unfortunately brought many countries of the Western Balkans in a very difficult situation. We believe that illegal migrations have to be stopped and not managed,” said the Hungarian senior official, stressing that his country has not and will not accept a single illegal migrant.

Szijjarto said his visit was a clear sign of Hungary's solidarity and friendship with Bosnia and Herzegovina and he expressed appreciation for everything that the country did to prevent the illegal migrations.

“I also said we are ready to provide every possible support to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the fight against illegal migrations,” he added.

Radoncic told Hungarian minister that Bosnia is treating the issue of illegal migrations as security and not as a humanitarian issue.

“We would like to be responsible and humane but our citizens are a priority. We would like to stop and not encourage the arrival of migrants,” said the minister.

Speaking about Bosnia's NATO integration, Szzijjarto noted that the Embassy of Hungary was the NATO contact point embassy in Sarajevo and that they have four officers at the NATO HQ in the Bosnian capital.

“It is in Hungary's interest that the Western Balkans is a stable region and has a perspective development. You can count on our help,” he stressed.