Six medical workers infected with coronavirus in Bosnia's eastern town

NEWS 17.04.2020 20:37
Source: N1

Six health workers in Bosnia's eastern region tested positive for the novel coronavirus in one day, Bosnia-Podrinje Canton (BPK) crisis staff confirmed on Friday.

Four are employees of Gorazde cantonal hospital and two other work at Gorazde healthcare centre.

“They were all fully protected, and three of them had contact with the latest patient who showed no symptoms of coronavirus but suffered from other diseases. One nurse from the paediatric ward was on the leave and she was not infected by that patient as others but she returned with the virus infection,” said Nermina Kamenica, the cantonal hospital general manager. 

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According to her, this is an expected development, since medical workers are on the frontline of the battle against the coronavirus.

Total of 19 persons in the canton has been infected so far, while 123 were self-isolated at their homes. Two patients have recovered.