Sarajevo mosques prepare for month of Ramadan amid coronavirus pandemic

Source: Anadolija

Tonight, at sunset, Ramadan, the most chosen and blessed month of Muslims, begins. It is a month of fasting, reflection, renunciation and generosity in which he faithful fast from sunrise to sunset.

Ramadan is also a month when mosques are full of faithful, and when families, friends and neighbours gather for iftar – a meal which breaks the fast after sunset.

However, this year the situation is slightly different.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ramadan will not be observed as in previous years. Measures to ban movement, gatherings, and curfews will prevent the faithful from celebrating Ramadan as they used to.

With mosques closed, the faithful will hold prayers in their homes.

Anadolu Agency's photojournalist visited several Sarajevo mosques where he came upon an unusual silence and imams cleaning mosques in the wake of the pandemic.

According to the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina's calendar, the month of Ramadan begins at sunset on Thursday, April 23, while the first day of Ramadan fasting will begin on Friday, April 24.