Bosnia reports another 30 Covid-19 patients, two more deaths

NEWS 26.04.2020 12:15
Source: Anadolija

The healthcare authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina reported another 30 infections with the novel coronavirus, 15 each in its two semi-autonomous regions – the Federation (FBiH) and Republika Srpska (RS), bringing the country’s total to 1,516 according to the Civil Affairs Ministry. With the new fatalities reported in RS, the country's death toll stands at 59.

RS Public Healthcare Institute performed 562 lab tests over the past 24 hours in 38 of its local communities, which resulted in 15 new confirmed infections.

Among the infected are two nurses from Banja Luka, the region’s largest city and its administrative centre.

So far, RS has reported 671 Covid-19 patients, of which 357 recovered and 25 died.

As for FBiH, its healthcare authorities tested 959 persons in the last 24 hours, which is the largest number of performed tests in this region in one day. Fifteen patients were positive for the virus.

The total of 826 coronavirus infections has been reported in this part of the country, of which 256 recovered and 32 died.

Brcko District, a separate administrative unite in the north of the country, has so far recorded 19 Covid-19 patients. Two have died and 11 recovered.

Source : MCPBiH