Twelve hospital staff infected with coronavirus in Doboj, Bosnia

NEWS 30.04.2020 14:52
Source: N1

Of the 10 newly infected patients with coronavirus, eight are health care professionals, raising the total number of infected hospital staff in the northern Bosnian town of Doboj to 12, Fena news agency reported on Thursday.

The other seven Covid-19 patients are members of their families, Mladen Gajic, director of the Doboj hospital, said.

Among the infected healthcare professionals are one doctor and 11 nurses and technicians.

“Out of ten newly infected patients in the past 24 units, eight are nurses and medical technicians from the hospital's Internal ward, and two are family members of one worker already positive for coronavirus,” Gajic explained at a news conference.

He noted that they could not have done anything about the fact that they had a Covid-19 patient at their Internal ward, adding that the patient was transferred to Infectious Diseases ward and that there is no room for panic.

Doboj Health Centre's epidemiologist Ana Stevanovic-Ceklic said all infected healthcare professionals have only light or no symptoms at all.