Ministry: Psychosocial help for Bosnia's marginalised groups to start soon

NEWS 04.05.2020 11:59
Source: N1

Bosnia's Civil Affairs Ministry is initiating the second phase of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic which is the psychosocial help to the marginalised groups of the society, the Ministry said Monday.

“Many members of this social group live separately, away from their parents and caregivers, in care homes and special institutions. Apart from lacking the basic everyday necessities, like hygiene products, masks, gloves, food and clothes, they also lack the means to conduct their daily duties in line with their abilities,” the Ministry said.

The actions and campaigns the Ministry will conduct will be twofold: helping organise the best practices psychosocial help for children and youths with developmental disabilities and their parents; and the second approach will be directed towards mediation in securing supplies for conducting a dignified living of this group of society and their loved ones, as well as helping the institutions in which some of them reside.

The Ministry concluded that they already held first meetings with potential donors and associates who will work on these measures.