Serbian politician and Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo: I admire your tolerance

NEWS 06.05.2020 21:52
Source: N1

Serbian politician Cedomir Jovanovic was officially named Honorary Citizen of Canton Sarajevo on Wednesday for his efforts in spreading the truth about what happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina and his contribution to promoting solidarity, democracy and tolerance among people of different nations, religions and cultures.

The leader of Serbia’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) could not attend the ceremony of the Canton Sarajevo Assembly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The emotions that overcame me when I found out about the award and the recognition are something I’ve never felt before, as it comes from a city and from people who are a symbol of me and all I am doing,” he said.

He said he feels “especially connected to Sarajevo and Sarajevans” because he shares their world view – “because we breathe, see and speak the same way.”

“I know about the suffering of the city of Sarajevo, which has always been so wonderful and open. This is exactly why it bothered all those without spirit who could, due to the hate and the evil within them, not bear the love that Sarajevo selflessly gives even to those who step into it for the first time,” he said.

“I admire your tolerance, existence, willingness to forgive, to be noble and at the same time proud and unwavering,” he said, adding that he will visit Sarajevo as soon as possible.