Prominent Bosnian writer Dzevad Karahasan to receive this year's Goethe Prize

NEWS 07.05.2020 21:59
Source: N1

The city of Frankfurt has decided to award Bosnian writer Dzevad Karahasan the Goethe Prize 2020.

“In times of growing nationalism, in Europe as well, this year's award winner Dzevad Karahasan stands for the permanent overcoming of borders, be they political or cultural,” said Mayor Peter Feldmann on Thursday, explaining the decision.

The award, which includes 50,000 Euro, is given out to those who show commitment to tolerance and understanding every three years on August 28, the birthday of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Karahasan was born in the western town of Tomislavgrad in 1953.

The prominent writer also taught at various European universities.