Antifascists mark Victory Day at Mostar's Partisan memorial complex (PHOTO)

NEWS 08.05.2020 15:07
Source: Anadolija

Traditionally, the southern city of Mostar marked the Victory Day, only due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions this year the commemoration at the Partisan memorial complex was attended by barely ten antifascist.

“We remember the days of glory and huge event that was not picked as the Europe Day for no reason. On this day, Europe committed to anti-fascism. And this time again, from this site, we're sending a message of dissatisfaction because neo-fascism is all around us and it is more than obvious,” said Sead Djulic, the leader of the SABNOR antifascist association.

Jablanica, the nearby town, will mark the Victory Day as well as the 77th anniversary of the WWII Fourth Enemy Offensive colloquially known as the Battle for the Wounded a day later, on Saturday, Djulic said.