Bosnia Grand Mufti, Sarajevo hazan remember Holocaust and Srebrenica victims

NEWS 12.05.2020 10:21

Bosnia's Grand Mufti Hussein Kavazovic and the hazan of the Sarajevo Synagogue, Igor Kozemjakin sent a clear message of a joint fight against Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, but also against the denial of genocide in Srebrenica and the Holocaust in the country, region and the world by being among the first to support the Srebrenica Memorial Centre' video project titled "Reading for Srebrenica," the Centre said.

“The new circumstances caused by the state of emergency will require us to find new methods of preserving the memory of the victims of genocide. So I congratulate the Memorial Center on this initiative and for giving me the opportunity to be the first to read the names of the first victims on the list. It's important that we remember every year that these are not just numbers, that these are entire worlds that were killed. Each of these names compels us all because those killed in the genocide in Srebrenica are not victims that only Muslims should mourn. It is a tragedy of all of mankind because genocide and the Holocaust are just that, they are crimes against humanity, against man,” Bosnia's Grand Musti Husein Kavazovic.

The Srebrenica Memorial Centre initiated a video-project called “Reading for Srebrenica” with over 130 participants from across the country.

Through this project, participants will read the names of 8,372 genocide victims that are written in the Remembrance Wall in Potocari, a village near Srebrenica where the Memorial Centre is located.

The Srebrenica Memorial Centre said they came to this idea after observing a similar project at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Centre who initiated an online project for the remembrance of all the Holocaust victims.

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“I gladly accepted the invitation to take part in the ‘Reading for Srebrenica’ project because I know how important it is to nurture the culture of remembrance. The only way we can prevent the ‘never again’ from becoming just a dull phrase is through projects like this one,” the Sarajevo Synagogue hazan Igor Kozemjakin said.

The Srebrenica Memorial Centre added that standing in unity against any form of historical revisionism, the strengthening of the extreme right and policies diminishing the crimes of Holocaust and Srebrenica genocide has never been more important.