Bosnian Prosecution files 2 indictments against alleged ISIS members

NEWS 14.05.2020 11:58
Source: N1

Bosnian Prosecution has filed two indictments against Bosnian nationals Hamza Labidi and Emir Alisic suspected of being members of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organisation, the Prosecution said Thursday.

The indictment against Hamza Labidi states that he left the country in mid-2014 with his family, travelled to Turkey, from where he illegally crossed the border with Syria, where he joined paramilitary formations, which operated within the structures of the so-called ISIS, which the UN Security Council declared a terrorist organization

The indictment adds that Labidi is charged with the illegal formation and joining a foreign paramilitary and parapolice formation.

On Wednesday, the Prosecution filed an indictment against Emir Alisic, who is charged with the illegal formation and joining of foreign paramilitary or parapolice formations, meaning that he fought as a member of the so-called ISIS in Syria for about six years.

According to the Prosecution, Alisic left Bosnia at the end of 2013 and travelled to Turkey, from where he illegally moved to Syria, where he fought in ISIS structures in several formations in the cities of Rakka and Haritan.

In December 2019, Alisic was deported to Bosnia by plane, along with Jasmin Keserovic, Armen Dzelko, Senad Kasupovic, Hamz Labidi, Muharem Dunjic and Milarem Berbic, on suspicion that they fought in Syria on the side of ISIS.