US Embassy in Bosnia says pressures and threats to Prosecution are unacceptable

NEWS 01.06.2020 17:29
Source: Fena

Bosnian Police and Prosecution must work in accordance with the law to investigate corruption allegations, US Embassy in Bosnia tweeted on Monday, following the recent threats directed at the country's Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadic, adding that such threats are unacceptable.

“The fight against corruption is of vital importance for the citizens and future of BiH. Police and prosecutors have a responsibility to act professionally, without political influence, and in accordance with the law to investigate corruption allegations,” US Embassy tweeted, adding that “t the same time, threats and pressures against police and prosecutors are unacceptable.

Bosnia's Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic confirmed earlier on Monday that the Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadic had received serious threats to her life, which is why he requested that the director of police Coordination Body Mirsad Vilic ensures her additional police protection.

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Radoncic said that life in a country that does not sanction threats of the Chief Prosecutor and her family would be impossible.

Bosnian authorities did not comment on the possible reasons for the threats.