Bosnian Serb region rejects Resolution on respect to victims of fascist movement

Source: Arhiv

The Bosnian Serb region of Republika Srpska (RS) adopted 17 conclusions rejecting the Resolution on respects to victims of fascist regimes and movements, adopted by the state House of Representatives on May 20, after a lengthy and fierce session which almost turned into a fistfight near its end.

In their conclusions, the ruling majority in this semi-autonomous entity, led by the ethnic oriented Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), said that “the Resolution does not correspond to historical facts and as such cannot be applied in the RS.”

“The House of Representatives, joined by revisionist forces, took to the shameful rewriting of historical facts aimed at generalizing and marginalizing the Serb suffering in the Second World War,” reads one of the conclusions supported by the SNSD, Democratic People's Alliance (DNS), People's Democratic Movement (NDP), Democratic Alliance (DEMOS), United Srpska, Socialist Party of Srpska (SPS), Socialist Party (SP) and independent delegates.

The majority concluded that the very name of the Resolution is unacceptable because it qualifies fascist regimes and movements as aggressors, and not as the Independent State of Croatia (NDH),” a Nazi-allied statelet that ruled over Croatia, Bosnia and much of Serbia.
The delegates also objected the fact that the Resolution does not state that systemic genocide was committed against Serbs.

“Any celebrations like the ‘Bleiburg Mass’ by the authorities of the Republic of Croatia are unacceptable and insulting to the victims of fascism,” the conclusions said adding that they believe any form use of the Ustasha greeting ‘For homeland ready’ is a provocation.

These and other conclusions were adopted late Monday evening without the votes of the opposition who had left the session before the vote.