Bosnia's state prosecutor sentenced for official misconduct

NEWS 09.06.2020 11:18
Source: Fena

Bosnia's state prosecutor Bozo Mihajlovic was sentenced on Tuesday in a first-instance verdict to five years in prison for the official misconduct.

Mihajlovic was charged with the malfeasance in office as the state prosecutor by failing to oversee the work of his personal typist in the period 2006-2015, while he acted as the state prosecutor and head of the Department for Organised Crime, Commercial Crime and Corruption.

According to the indictment, this enabled the assistant to steal the amount of 225,762 marks (more than 110,000 Euro).

The case of Mihajlovic's typist was taken over by the Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor's Office. Her defence team demanded that her name is not mentioned in the trial because her right to defence would be violated. Judge Amela Huskic approved the demand and said that she would be referred in future as the typist. 

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The sentence that Bosnian State Court rendered on Tuesday orders Mihajlovic to return the full amount that his typist, according to the court, had stolen.

His defence team has the right to file an appeal within the next 15 days.

The Prosecutor's Office issued the indictment against Mihajlovic on June 19, 2018, and the trial commenced in September the same year.

The suspended prosecutor pleaded not guilty and he resigned from the post of the chief of the Department from the Organised Crime, Commercial Crime and Corruption.