Another 48 coronavirus case reported in Bosnia, authorities advise caution

NEWS 13.06.2020 14:58
Source: Printscreen

A total of 48 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the past 24 hours, while one more person died from COVID-19 in the country’s Republika Srpska (RS) region.

According to health authorities of the semi-autonomous Federation (FBiH) entity, 259 people were tested in the region since Friday and 27 of the tests came back positive. The people who tested positive are from the Zenica-Doboj, Tuzla and Sarajevo cantons.

The FBiH Crisis Headquarters reminded in a statement of the obligation for citizens to wear masks in closed spaces and adhere to social distancing. Republika Srpska meanwhile tested 322 people, of which 21 tested positive.

The patients come from Kostajnica, Modrica, Doboj, Gradiska, Kotor Varos, Banja Luka, Celinac, Prijedor, Kozarska Dubica, Bijeljina and Trebinje.“

In the past 24 hours, one fatality was reported to the Republika Srpska Public Health Institute. The patient was an elderly woman from Teslic,” the Institute said.

The total number of people infected with the virus across the country is now more than 2,900, more than 2100 have recovered from COVID-19 and more than 160 have died due to the disease.