Sarajevo prosecutors open investigation into threats on N1's reporter

NEWS 16.06.2020 15:58
Source: N1

Sarajevo Canton prosecutors have launched an investigation into the death threats that N1's reporter Nikola Vucic recently received on social networks, the 'BH Journalists' association said on Tuesday.

Vucic was exposed to online threats and calls for violence after the Twitter post in which he sarcastically asked if Bosnia's Western-Herzegovina region would also declare itself a “fascism-free zone” after its authorities said the canton was coronavirus-free.

The tweet sparked reactions on social networks, death threats and calls for violence at expense of Vucic and his family. 

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International organisations promoting press freedom and human rights harshly condemned the threats.

According to the ‘BH Journalists’ association, the Sarajevo Canton Interior Ministry interviewed the reporter and delivered the evidence including the comments from social networks to the Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor's Office.

The association also said that another simultaneous investigation into the case is being conducted by the Federation's Police Administration.