Migrant killed near Bosnia-Croatia border under still unclear circumstances

Source: Fena

An unidentified migrant was shot dead on Friday in Bosnia's northwest allegedly as he was trying to illegally cross the border with Croatia, the police administration in Una-Sana Canton (USK) told media.

The police were informed about the incident by a local from the town of Kulen Vakuf, near the border, where a group of migrants brought the lifeless body.

“The police officers and medical team could only confirm that the migrant succumbed to injuries that were caused by a firearm. The first check showed that the fatal injury was made on his back, most probably by a rifle, a hunting rifle,” said USK Interior Ministry Spokesperson Ale Siljdedic, adding that the investigation into the murder is underway.

The identity of the shot man and the persons who brought him to Kulen Vakuf is still unknown but according to still unconfirmed information they might be the users of the Lipa migrant camp, located near Bihac, the canton's administrative centre.

“We have absolutely no information about possible suspects. The investigation is being conducted at the site where the lifeless body was found, more precisely, the investigation will determine the exact location where the incident occurred,” said Siljdedic.

The police will also interrogate the users of the Lipa centre and determine the identities of the involved migrants.

“We cannot speak about any conclusions yet nor can we tell if the murder took place on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina or Croatia,” added Siljdedic.

Bosnia is seeing a new migrant wave in the wake of the relaxed coronavirus restriction measures across the region and end of the lockdown. After entering the country's eastern border, the migrants move to the northwest hoping they would cross the border with the European Union and reach their final destinations across Europe. But as Croatia keeps its borders closed for illegal migrants, they are stranded in the towns near the Bosnia-Croatia border, mostly accommodated in a few internationally-funded migrant centres but also occupying public areas in urban zones.

An estimated 7,000 illegal migrants are currently staying in Bihac and other areas of Una-Sana Canton in northwestern Bosnia.
Of that number, 3,000 are being provided with accommodation in makeshift reception centres, and others are scattered around, staying outdoors.