Tribute to the Serbs from Bratunac and Srebrenica who died on St. Peter's Day

NEWS 12.07.2020 14:24
Source: N1

Numerous citizens gathered Sunday morning at the Military Cemetery in Bratunac to pay tribute to the Serbs who died in several villages around east-Bosnian municipalities of Bratunac and Srebrenica, on this very day, St. Peter's Day (Petrovdan), in 1992.

Family members of those who died in the area of these municipalities, before or after the St. Peter's Day were also at the cemetery. They are most frustrated that 28 years after their loved ones died, no one was held accountable for the crimes against Serbs, which is a great injustice, they say.

Flowers will also be laid at the Memorial in Zalazje municipality, and a memorial service for these victims was previously held in Srebrenica, N1's Adisa Imamovic reports.

Source : N1

According to the data from those municipalities, 69 people died on St. Peter's Day and 22 disappeared, 10 of whom were found and exhumed on June 10, 2011, from the mass grave in Zalazje, while searching for the killed Bosniaks.

The remains of the victims were identified and buried on St. Peter's Day in 2012 more than a year later, while remains of two more victims were exhumed, identified and buried earlier.