Novak Djokovic visits 'Bosnian Pyramid of Sun' archaeological site

NEWS 13.07.2020 17:28
Source: N1

World number one Novak Djokovic arrived in Bosnia on Monday where he visited the 'Bosnian pyramids' site near the capital Sarajevo, allegedly for healing purposes.

The Serbian tennis player was first seen on Trebevic Mountain, just above Sarajevo, where he took pictures with fans and departed for the nearby town Visoko to take a tour around the ‘Archaeological park Bosnian Pyramid of Sun’ in the company of the founder Semir Osmanagic.

The alleged pyramid discovery from 2005 still divides scientific community but Osmanagic's promotion of the site has been bringing thousands of visitors to Visoko since then. The hills around Visoko that he claims are man-made pyramids also positively affect the human immune system, according to Osmanagic.

Reportedly, this was also the reason for Djokovic, who practices a holistic lifestyle, to visit the site.

The tennis player was supposed to travel to Bosnia within the Adria Tour a few weeks ago but after a few participants including him were infected with the novel coronavirus, the visit was cancelled.