Novak Djokovic describes Bosnian Valley of Pyramids as "heaven on earth"

NEWS 15.07.2020 14:13
Source: Youtube

In a statement to the founder of the ‘Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun’ Foundation, the world’s best tennis player, Novak Djokovic, described the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids as “heaven on earth”.

Djokovic arrived in Bosnia on Monday for a three-day visit to the site in Visoko, near the capital.  


The alleged pyramid discovery from 2005 still divides the scientific community but the person behind it, Dr Semir Osmanagic, has since then been promoting the site and bringing countless visitors to the town.

The hills around the town are, according to Osmanagic, man-made pyramids that have a positive effect on the human immune system.  

“I have so many impressions that it is now difficult to summarize them in a short answer. But if there is a paradise on earth, then it is here,” Djokovic said.  

“There are a few places that I have visited throughout my life where I felt completely fulfilled in every way. This is truly a unique experience for me,” he added.  

Djokovic explained that he has been involved in “this so-called ‘alternative world’” for more than a decade and that he visited a lot of other places which are considered “energy hubs.”  

“But I never experienced something like this,” he said, adding that he only felt something similar when he visited the Rtanj Mountain in Serbia. 

Djokovic praised Osmanagic for his discovery and for what he is doing for the community, saying he saw “bliss” on the faces of the volunteers and visitors at the site.  

“You are on a good path because you make many people happy, you bring them pleasure, health, peace, serenity,” he said.  

“This is a mission of discovery,” he said, adding that the Bosnian Pyramids will be of “huge energy and spiritual importance for the world, not only for the Balkans.”