Bird's-eye view of Neum, Bosnia's only seaside city (VIDEO)

Source: za N1

In the series about all the natural and tourist attractions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with N1 brings you a unique pearl of Bosnia's landscape - Neum, which everyone must come and visit.

Neum is a small, southern-most Bosnian city located in a mild Mediterranean climate with steep hills, stone and sandy beaches, and several large tourist hotels. The inland area behind Neum has a rich archaeological history and untouched wilderness with centuries-old olive groves in the hinterland.

While Tourism in Neum is active only in the coastal region, local authorities are creating fresh content every year to expand their offer to inland areas.

Neum is located 60 kilometres from the Croatian city of Dubrovnik and 70 kilometres from the nearest larger city in Bosnia, Mostar.

Its coastline is only 20 kilometres long.