Margaret MacMillan: Shape of the world in two years uncertain

NEWS 21.07.2020 21:47
Source: N1

It is very difficult to say at the moment what shape of the world in two years is going to look like, one of the most distinguished historians of today Margaret MacMillan told N1, commenting on the coronavirus pandemic that the whole world has been struggling with for months.

The world will get through this pandemic but it is likely to be a different sort of the world, she said.

Comparing the Covid-19 pandemic with the Spanish flu pandemic that had hit the world in 1919, the historian said they were both partly a result of the globalisation.

“I think what we see is a tremendous impact on society and governments are struggling to deal with something that they haven't dealt on that scale before,” stressed MacMillan.

“So there are parallels. What's different is that in 1919 the people were much more used to death,” she added.

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