Switzerland introduces quarantine requirement for those travelling from Bosnia

NEWS 22.07.2020 15:22
Source: N1

As of Thursday, those travelling to Switzerland from Bosnia will have to go into quarantine after crossing the border since the country has included Bosnia and Herzegovina in its list of high-risk coronavirus countries.

All those travelling to Switzerland from Bosnia will have to report their arrival to authorities within two days and “anyone who evades quarantine or fails to comply with the duty to report to the authorities is committing an offence under the Epidemics Act, which is punishable by a fine of up to CHF 10,000.”

Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and North Macedonia are also on the list, which consists of 42 countries.

Switzerland’s Federal Office for Public Health published instructions for those entering the country after having spent time in any of the countries on the list in 14 throughout days before arriving.

“Upon arrival, go immediately to your home or to another suitable accommodation. Stay there for 10 days from the day of your arrival without going out. Report your arrival to the cantonal authority responsible within two days. Follow the instructions of the cantonal authority,” it said.