Austria postpones decision on mandatory quarantine for Bosnian citizens

NEWS 24.07.2020 09:22
Source: Rene Gomolj / AFP

Austrian government decided to postpone the decision on mandatory quarantine for residents of high-risk countries like Bosnia, regardless whether they have a PCR test or not, the country's Health Ministry said.

This decision comes into force on Friday and it is the result of the SPO party's operation which has the support of many Austrians.

“The goal is to find a balanced regulation which will serve to stop the spread of the pandemic and to respect all the Constitutional principles,” the Ministry said.

Previously, a decree adopted on June 15 was in force for entry of people from high-risk areas, according to which persons coming from these countries must show a negative PCR test no older than four days or go into quarantine for 14 days when entering Austria. The quarantine period may be shorter if you take the test and it is negative.

Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia are on the list of high-risk countries marked in red.

However, this is not final because the Government said that the implementation of this decision is only being postponed, but not abolished.