Bosnia's FBiH region sees drop in tourist visits, domestic guests most numerous

NEWS 03.08.2020 11:42
Source: Fena / Ilustracija

The number of tourists in Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) region during the peak season has dropped by nearly 90 percent compared to previous years, according to the most recent statistic data. But compared to previous months, the situation in the tourism sector has slightly improved.

The total of 14,543 arrivals was recorded in June in this part of the country, which covers a little over half of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. That's where the capital Sarajevo and southern city of Mostar are located.

Compared to June 2019, the number of tourists has declined by 89.3 percent but compared to May 2020 it has increased by 526.6 percent.

Participation of domestic tourists was 76.7 percent, with the remaining 23.3 percent covered by foreign tourists.

The number of overnight stays in June 2020 also increased compared to the previous month and it was higher by 319.8 percent.

Croatian, Serbian and German tourists made the top three on the list of those who visited Bosnia in June 2020, followed by Hungarians and the tourists from Saudi Arabia.