Recent floods in Tuzla will cost over 4 million marks, preliminary report says

Source: Fena

The preliminary data show that the damages caused by recent floods in the northern city of Tuzla will cost over four million Bosnian marks (approx €2 million) Assistant Mayor Slavko Stjepic said on Tuesday adding that so far they received 430 reports for damages to private properties, legal entities and municipal infrastructure.

The Central Commission for the Assessment of Damage Caused during the State of Natural Disaster, or the major storm that hit Tuzla recently, is still on the ground, assessing the true situation that occurred after the storm, he said.

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He stated that the Commission had determined the priorities for the quick repair of damages, noting that citizens who received the damage assessment will not necessarily receive the full amount of funds needed to cover repair costs.

According to Stjepic, the City of Tuzla will invest as much as possible, adding that they expect help from other levels of government.