Bosnia's consulate destroyed in Beirut blast (PHOTO)

NEWS 05.08.2020 15:23
Source: N1

The honorary consulate of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Lebanese capital was completely demolished in the explosion that rocked the city on Tuesday, Bosnia's Ambassador in Amman Mato Zeko told N1.

There was no report on killed or injured Bosnian nationals in the explosion, according to the ambassador.

“Most of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina live in the city of Tyre, some 200 kilometres from Beirut,” said Zeko, stressing that the embassy in Amman is maintaining constant communication with the honorary consulate in Beirut. According to him, the consul and staff left the building before the explosion.

Speaking to N1's Newsroom live from Amman, he said most of the buildings in the area were either fully destroyed or severely injured. Many countries offered assistance to the authorities of Lebanon, particularly France and Middle East countries. Bosnia should join them as well, the ambassador suggested. 

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“The consul said he spent the war in Beirut but that nothing could compare to this,” he stressed.

“Causes of the explosion are still being guessed. There was one blast and we don't know what caused it, and it was followed by the explosion of some 3,000 tonnes of the ammonium nitrate. More than 100 died and we have information that more than 100 are still missing. About 4,000 people were hospitalised,” said the ambassador.